jannah yusuf al-jamil

they/them, sixteen, muslim, desi, queer

head literary reader of antinarrative zine

writes about god, identity, & growing up

writing inspirations: rumi, patrick ness, maggie stiefvater, fatima farheen mirza, kaveh akbar

interests: political theory, women in indie music, decolonization of literature, food science, enneagram, fanfiction



Ice Lolly Review - New Myths
Overheard - Tawaf and In the Name of God
celestite poetry - Gold & Bronze on the Silver Screen (in issue 2)
New Constellations - Oldest Sister Syndrome
Pollux Journal - What I've Seen-Seen-Seen


Amethyst Review - habibullah
BULLSHIT LIT MAG - loving is like trying to think of a title for a poem (difficult) (forthcoming)
Tarot Literary - FOUR / ARBA'A (forthcoming)
Agapanthus Collective - THREE / THALATHA (forthcoming)